Equipment Hire

Broadscope Studios prides itself in delivering the best quality shoot possible, providing each shoot with the tools and services it requires for the best results. Whether your shoot is a small contained shoot or a large multiple day shoot with a unit on location, Broadscope can provide the equipment for you.

Strobe Lighting Hire

Choose from a wide range of strobe lighting that meets your shoots requirements.

Continuous Lighting Hire

From LEDs to HMIs, we can provide the continuous lighting you will need to light your scene.


Additional SERVICES Hire

At Broadscope Studios, we offer a comprehensive production service, catering to a variety of production scale over a wide range of clients.

Whether it's sourcing crew, additional shooting space, props, having bespoke costumes and furniture made or additional equipment hire, we can deliver to reduce strain on your production team. Get in touch about any additional equipment, rigging, or backdrops you may need and our team can source and ensure you have what you need for your shoot.